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Protect your deliveries

Christmas is coming and the deliveries are arriving thick and fast. 

However, as convenient as home deliveries are, things don’t always go to plan. Packages can get misplaced and, in the worst case, stolen. In fact, over 7 million parcels were stolen from outside people’s homes last year according to recent statistics.

So, what to do? Fortunately, trusted home security brand Yale have the solution.

Their all-new Smart Delivery Box keeps your parcels safe and secure. That means no risk of it being stolen – and no awkward interactions with neighbours to get your parcel if you’re out. 

Fitted with a Yale Keyless lock, the Smart Delivery Box works with a one-time 24-hour pin code, and you can create up to 20 of these if you’re expecting deliveries from multiple couriers.

Plus, if you want to make your Smart Delivery Box even smarter, you can even upgrade to a Yale Module, which allows you to control your Smart Delivery Box via a Yale App on your mobile device.  

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Glamorous glazing 

The transformative effect bespoke windows, doors and skylights can have for your home is unparalleled.

Both Cortizo and Crittall windows, for example, ooze character and allow maximum light with the elegance of slimline, timeless profiles.They are also a great architectural feature adding endless charm to your project.

If you are looking to carry out improvements to your home, Bespoke Glazing Design are professionals in the design and installation from start to finish.

Bespoke Glazing Design has a friendly, knowledgeable, expert team to provide the support you need from the first call.

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Your personal on-demand home guru

It seems everything’s going virtual these days – and home improvement is no exception.

HiiGuru is the new virtual advice service designed to help you with home improvements, both big and little, without even leaving it.

The HiiGuru service allows you to get in touch with an expert when you have an issue and need some help.For example, if you get stuck trying to install a new shower, you can connect with a plumber or DIY expert over video chat – who can guide you through what to do, step-by-step. If you’re looking to spruce your place up, kombi Servisi you can connect with an interior designer who can look at your space, understand your style and kombi servisi give you personalised advice.

Book an instant session with HiiGuru via their website and talk to one of their many vetted professional interior design, home repair, plumbing or DIY experts.

HiiGuru saves you from hours of research, wasted money, and botched repairs.And, if you don’t like their suggestions, you can get your money back! Although, if their consistently positive reviews are any indication, this seems unlikely.

Get the most out of your home. Book a virtual guru today and take the stress out of home improvement.

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*Offer expires November 30. 

Skirting around the competition

Skirting boards may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re doing a home makeover, but they do have the uncanny ability to really tie a room together. 

Skirting World is the UK’s biggest skirting board manufacturer and has been established for over 10 years.

With over 100 designs in their arsenal, they can offer every style of home the ideal skirting board for the job. 

But that’s not all they have to offer.New products of theirs include internal doors and panel beading for wall panelling, so you can get all the wood furnishing jobs sorted in one place when you’re doing up your property.

All of Skirting World’s products come with free delivery.PLUS, all orders have an automatic 10% discount applied, so you can save while sprucing up your abode.  

The Info: to find out more and use discount code MAIL10 to get an extra 10% off.

Take the dip 

The past 18 months has given us all the opportunity to get reacquainted the pleasures of spending time at home.And, for many of us, it seemed the only reason to go abroad was for the pools.

But no more! LPW swimming pools are factory constructed one-piece pools for your home, which mean they can be ready to fill (with minimum on-site work) in just a few weeks.That’s right, your dreams of a home pool could become a reality.  

They offer 12 different designs and various shell colours so you can create the perfect pool for your home. Maintenance is also made easy thanks to the rounded corners – and all materials are automatic cleaner friendly, so you don’t even have to do too much manual labour.  

LPW Swimming Pools are constructed with six consecutive layers of vinyl ester resin reinforced with glass fibre, incorporating a 15mm thick insulating honeycomb structure.This structure provides strength, reduced heat loss as well as ensuring overall structural integrity of the pool itself. That means you could be hitting the pool during the cooler months without even catching a chill.

Plus, thanks to their 30-year warranty, these swimming pools can make your house into a holiday home for generations.Sign us up!

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Protect YOUR home against rising energy bills

With energy bills on the rise, this winter could prove to be an expensive one.But there is a way to protect yourself from this financial blow AND insulate your home sustainably.

Enter Eco Spray Foam systems. They’ve been insulating Britain’s homes for over a decade, helping thousands of people cut their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

In fact, by insulating your home can help you save as much as 50% off your energy bills.

Here’s how it works.The spray foam they use is extremely versatile and can be applied to roof cavities, ceilings and walls, no matter how small, large or unusually shaped the space. This makes it a far quicker and easier process than traditional insulation, which can save you money on installation.

And that’s not all.When it fills an area, it expands right to the edges and creates a virtually airtight seal. This creates an air barrier which not only helps keep heat within your property, but better regulates temperature during the warmer months too, helping keep energy bills low.

Eco Spray Foam Systems is one of the most accredited insulation installers across the UK – see below to find out how to book your free survey today. 

The Info: or call 0203 411 5188 to find out more.PLUS, use discount code PROMO25 to get 25% off.

Cook smarter 

It can take years to hone your cooking skills and perfect those most-loved recipes. 

But all your efforts can be quelled by a temperamental oven. That is unless you invest in the new Sense Premium Wi-Fi oven collection from Caple. 

Utilising smart technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, this clever oven boasts over 23 functions and intuitive features that can all be controlled from your phone, giving you full control over your cooking. 

This award-winning range has been designed to help make cooking easier and more enjoyable.It’s also available in sleek black glass, understated gunmetal or the much-loved classic, stainless steel, so will easily blend into homes of every style.

Most importantly, Kombi Servisi the Sense Premium Wi-Fi oven collection – as with all Caple products – are made with intuitive, easy-to-use design, uncompromising functionality and, above all else, outstanding quality.That means amazing cooking every single time. 

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Kettles no longer required 

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make our lives so much easier.Example? Instant boiling water taps.

Intu 4-1 4OUR Boiling Water Taps are sleek, stylish taps that provide you with quick, safe and reliable filtered drinking water as well as filtered boiling water. No need to wait for the kettle or the pan to boil ever again!

A sustainable option for your home, these innovative taps help you save water and energy, all while making your kitchen safer.It even has a child safety feature to help avoid little ones from burning themselves. The filtered drinking water will ensure that you never have to buy bottled water again, thus reducing plastic waste in your home. Save the planet and your pocket!

So, whether you’re strapped for time or are spinning multiple plates while preparing dinner, you can switch from cool drinking water to 98-degree water at the touch of a button. Everything from cooking rice and pasta to making a cuppa and enjoying a cold glass of water, has never been easier.

Plus, installation is quick and straightforward, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the pleasures of boiling water on tap (literally). If you have any concerns about where by and how to use kombi servisi, you can contact us at the website.   

The Info: to find out more and use discount code MAIL100 to get £100 off the 4-1 4OUR range. 

Fire WITHOUT fire 

There’s nothing better than a warm, toasty fire to sit by.Apart from having to store loads of logs full of spiders and clean up all the ash left behind.

However, there is a way to snuggle down this season without the faff of a traditional fire. 

Solution Fires is a new generation of highly efficient, authentic and stylish electric fires and luxury media walls. 

Made to enhance your living spaces, these fires have been designed and manufactured with optimal controllability of heat, light and sound as the critical elements, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a log fire without the downsides.   

So, close the curtains and get cosy this season – chilling out by the fire just got so much better. 

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Brighter boilers 

Winter is coming, meaning it’s that time of year once again to put the heating on and get cosy. 

However, if your boiler is getting on a bit, this is also just about the right time for it to pack up and leave you in the lurch. 

Luckily, your boiler can be better, thanks to Bbright. 

As well as speedy boiler replacements, they offer next-day boiler installations with a wide range of super-efficient regular, combi and system boilers available from the leading brands. 

The whole process of choosing a new boiler takes three simple steps; just answer a few simple questions about your home and current heating arrangements, choose your boiler then book an appointment time.Easy.

All maintenance and installations are carried out by fully-vetted engineers, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe and efficient hands.

The Info: to find out more and get an instant boiler quote today. 

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